#029 - Hugo Sanchez #029 - Hugo Sanchez

#029 - Hugo Sanchez

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Key figure of the east Rome underground, prolific producer and half of Front de Cadeaux and Alien Alien projects, label founder of Roccodisco along with Rodion, widely active cultural reference, charmer of musical rituals. Those are just a few words to outline Hugo Sanchez’s unpredictable musical dramaturgy.
With its sound experiments, floral installations and dreamlike visions of gardens against nature, Tropicantesimo is the natural construction of an artificial paradise.
A beautiful and evil chime changing in shape and size where everything is torrid and chilling.
The unpredictable, the accidental, the marvelous, the imminent and the immobile, venue after venue.


This set was recorded in Roma at Pescheria with an analog 3 channels custom-made rotary mixer, delay, records and unreleased material.

01. Accident Du Travail (Julie Normal & Olivier 2mo) – Conference n. 2
02. Holiday Inn/Tropicantesimo – Torbido (HC Remix)
03. Pierpaolo Pasolini – Comizi d’amore
04. Cacao – Anno 1000
05. Alfio Antico – Lu Vermi
06. Hiele – Birdwatching
07. Donato Dozzy – Gol (33rpm+8)
08. Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling (Peel Session)
09. Michael Cleys – Mir a Nero (33rpm+8)
10. Gamelan Beleganjur and the music of the Ngaben funerary ritual in Bali – Procession To The House Of The Deceased
11. Fabio Fabio – Alma (33rpm+8)
12. Steve Pepe – Danza Moderna
13. Altieri – Sayoko
14. Rodion – Atala Ride (33rpm+8)
15. F2C Supreme Rallentato edit – Superiore Lei
16. Commodity Place – I Love Watching The Sun Lost Beyond The Horizon (Fabrizio Lapiana Remix) (33rpm+8)
17. Alien Alien – Perfidia (Trippo Remix)
18. Mai Mai Mai – εὐφρόνη
19. Tropicantesimo Session – Alabama Song
20. Diatribe – Aurora Bora Paradise
21. Tropicantesimo Session – E la Luna Jamming