#036 - Pitt (Set for Sankara) #036 - Pitt (Set for Sankara)

#036 - Pitt (Set for Sankara)


We are pleased to introduce Pitt, serious low profile roman dj and vinyl lover with more than 23 years of activity.

From his impressive record collection comes out “Set for Sankara”, a tribute to the homonymous political revolutionary from Burkina Faso.

Cosmic sonorities, dubbed rhythms, african percussions and broken beats shape here a sound tale against oppression, one of the darkest pages in the african political history that lead to the assassination of one of the most iconic figures for the whole continent: “The rebel president” Thomas Sankara. (Yako, 21/12/1949 – Ouagadougou, 15/10/1987)

Huge thanks to the multi-instrumentalist Alfonso Anagni (Ganaian), producer of “Thomas Sankara Ep”, opening record of the set, that allowed us to dive deeper into the story.

01. Ganaian – The Thomas Sankara Ep
02. Various – Northen Circuit Ep
03. Sordid Sound System – Lux Exterior
04. Tambura – TikiTaka
05. Cosmo Vitelli – Holiday in Panikstrare
06. General P.D.C – Amazon Dub
07. The Pilotwings – Yakado
08. Various – Malka Tuti 024
09. Yak – Version 013
10. Goiz – Green
11. Various – Junta Especial 020