#037 - Simona Faraone (Pharaoh) #037 - Simona Faraone (Pharaoh)

#037 - Simona Faraone (Pharaoh)

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Hailing from Rome and Florence based, Simona Faraone is one of the first women to have undertaken the disc-jockey career in Italy and Europe. Refined digger of cutting-edge sounds, she started a long and respected militancy in the Italian underground scene in 1987, with a background deeply rooted in the Afro-American music and an eclectic, original style. As an activist in both the Italian club and rave culture, she’s seen the birth and partaken in almost all the electronic music movements.

Her very own label of “Phonographic Editions From Tomorrow’s World” called “New Interplanetary Melodies” was born in 2016 paying tribute to the unique and visionary approach of Sun Ra. It’s an experimental, free, transversal, and contaminated imprint which aims at promoting the sound of brilliant unconventional music producers and musicians, to create a parallel dimension in the world of modern independent sounds.

Sun Ra – I’ll Wait For You
Tommaso Cappellato – 7”
The Neighbourhood Catachter – Travelers, Into The Net
Obsolete Capitalism and Nico Note – Paysage mélodique avec Artaud
Joan La Barbara – Vocal Extensions
The Neighbourhood Carachter – Escape From/ Where’s Locky?
The Leftovers – Crocky
Afrikan Sciences – Lucjh
Khalab ( Black Noise Remixed) – Chitita ( Hieroglyphic Being 8 Bit House Remix )
R.O.T.L.A. – Progressi della scienza
Two Thou – Thousands Of Chimes Together
Specter – Sidewinder
Dogs Cuts EP – NBM03
Autre – Wig Teleportation
Hieroglyphic Being – One Hundred Thousand Years Of Unknown History
Autre – Everybody In The Past
Soulomon – Ectosoul
Peel Seamus – First Of June
Drexciya – Aqua Worm Hole