#041 - Bob Junior #041 - Bob Junior

#041 - Bob Junior

After moving here 15 years ago, the hearthy cigarettes smoking frenchman known as “Manù” is still one of the most active references in music and (counter) culture in Rome on a myriad of aspects. With a past immersed in books and records trades between Paris and Rome, all while constantly recording on cassettes, he was one of the key elements in the creation of Fanfulla, unique forward-thinking reality build on true connections. With 5/6 groups a week from all over the world, without booking agencies and pushing boundaries between genres to the limit, Fanfulla represents an essential and free home for both public and bands. Member of the french brigade “Grande Triple Alléance de l’Est”, founder of “My Own Private Records”, or acid mastermind behind “Holiday Inn” abrasive sound, Manù delighted us in this sunny sunday session with a selection of some of his favourite records.

Sunday Session – Recorded at Pescheria

A selection of 7″ only

1 .Heroin in Tahiti – Peplum
2. Schade – Des bisous et des caresses
3. Jeepneys – Lats Yerk
4. The Dreams – Afrikaner Dub
5. Charles Aznavour – Me Voilà Seul
6. John Cale – Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
7. Broadcast – Distant Call
8. Carlos D’Alessio – Tango Tango
9. Fiesta en el Vacio – Brillanza y Orgullo
10. Tav Exotic – Ringworm
11. Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go
12. Control Unit – Bloody Language
13. Colombey – J’ai Tout Oublié
14. Ventre de Biche – Lieux Publics
15. Tête de Cerf – 1-2-3-4
16. Giorgio Gaslini – Blues All’Alba
17. Amen Dunes – Ethio Song II
18. Jeepneys – Herman The Bull
19. The Vermillion Sands – Slow Dance
20. Carlos D’Alessio – Rumba des Iles
21. Giorgio Gaslini – Country Club
22. Yargo – Carrying Mine
23. Larry Yes – Open Your Heart