#047 - Nico #047 - Nico

#047 - Nico

Nico is a Berlin-based music professional, trained in music, passionated about discovering and assisting the growth of extremely diverse and pretty well-known talents and music events. Insatiable worker behind the scenes, now via Modern Matters agency.
This set was recorded during the Radio Alhara takeover curated by Radiocircolo and Recordat in Berlin.

AV Moves, Roll Over
Heather Leigh, Take Just A Little
Burial, State Forest
Lucrecia Dalt, Seca
Ol, Sim Career
Autechre, GR4
Manonmars, Alcatel
Alex Dowling, Rills
Oubys, Siratori
Eartheater, Volcano (La Petite Mort Edit)
Alis, Bcc: Me
Monolake, Prime Declick
Madteo, Vox Your New Yr Resolution
Lil Asaf, Mbakal (Prod. Bashar Suleiman)
Telefon Tel Aviv, Not Seeing,
Heathered Pearls, An Obstruction In The Clear Plastic
Alessandro Cortini, Dormi
Félicia Atkinson, Shirley To Shirley
Gold Plates, Cargo Bay B
Yeule, See You Space Cowboy
Heathered Pearls, Utica
Sophie, Pretending
Telefon Tel Aviv, Standing At The Bottom Of The Ocean;
James K, I Can Not Remember
Monolake, Clockwerk Fatigue
Mhysa, Ropeburn
Madteo, Rugrats don’t Techno for an Answer
Oubys, Theme2
Ol, Instable Edit
Low, The Son, The Sun
Yves Tumor, Limerence
Av Moves, I don’t Mind Waiting (Ahnnu Remix)
Oubys, Acid Bitch
Oubys, The Calling
Low, Always Up
Mhysa, Float